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Privacy & Terms

The customer must pay the full amount of the purchased product or any outstanding balance at the time of delivery at CasaMall. If the customer has not paid any outstanding balance at the time of delivery, the company has the right to confiscate the deposit and recover the relevant products.

The Company reserves the right to hold the property right of the product until the customer pays the full amount of the product, and the relevant risks are deemed to have been transferred to the customer at the same time as the product is delivered to the customer.

All anticipated delivery dates or times are estimates only by CasaMall. The company is not responsible for any delays or any consequences resulting therefrom.

The customer confirms and agrees that the information provided by the customer is correct.

In no event will the Company be liable for any loss (whether direct or indirect), profit or any indirect or consequential loss caused by the Customer in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The Company reserves the right to modify, change or supplement all or any of these Terms and Conditions at any time in advance.

Customer may not assign, transfer or otherwise transfer any of the rights and obligations of these Terms and Conditions to any other person without the prior written consent of the Company.

Any delay or failure to perform all or part of these Terms and Conditions resulting in any loss or damage resulting in delay or failure to comply with the relevant terms and conditions is not reasonably controlled by the Company or is not negligent or Caused by negligence, including but not limited to war, threats of war, riots, or other mass turmoil or acts, insurrections, natural disasters, any other restrictions beyond the government or any other industrial trade disputes, and other natural disasters, the company No responsibility is required.

The failure, or delay, by the parties to exercise any of the rights, powers or remedies contained in these Terms and Conditions shall not be deemed a waiver of rights. The exercise of any rights, rights and remedies provided by any party, in whole or in part, in these Terms and Conditions, is cumulative and does not exclude any rights, powers and remedies in law.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is interpreted to be illegal or invalid, such terms will be removed and will not affect the legality, validity and enforceability of the other terms of these Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions contain the entire agreement between the parties. It also replaces all previous negotiations, statements, consensus and agreements.

These terms and conditions are in Chinese and English. If there is any derogatory in the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.

These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China ("Hong Kong"). In case of any dispute, the parties must comply with the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Hong Kong law.

The Company's Personal Information Collection Statement is also attached to this page and forms part of an inseparable agreement between the Company and its customers and shall be deemed to have been included in the agreement between the Company and the Customer.

Order and replacement terms and conditions

Ordering, replacement, delivery and installation services are only available for the specified product.

If the ordered item is out of stock on the specified delivery date, the customer may choose to replace the other model or refund.

Under normal circumstances, customers cannot change or cancel orders.

Customers must make an appointment for delivery and installation within 30 days of ordering. If the delivery service cannot be reserved within 30 days, the deposit paid will be forfeited and cannot be used to purchase/replace other goods.

If the customer finds that the ruler does not fit after ordering the product, other models can be replaced, but at least 30% of the price of the goods must be paid as a surcharge, but no refund is allowed. CasaMall reserves the right not to change.

Replacement items must be returned with the complete package, accessories, instructions and unfilled warranty.

Replacement items must be free from damage, flower damage and wet water.

Products that have been registered online or have been repaired are not replaceable.

If there is a gift, the gift must be returned with the goods, otherwise the value of the gift will be deducted from the money.

When changing the goods, the customer must submit the original product receipt to CasaMall for cancellation.

Collect personal data statement

As a customer of CasaMall, you may be required to provide your personal information (related personal data) to the Company when applying to and/or continuing to order services and/or products (related services) from the Company. If the personal data is incomplete or incorrect, the company may not be able to provide or continue to provide the services to you. The company keeps your personal information confidential at all times. The policies and practices of the Company relating to the collection, use, storage, disclosure, transfer, confidentiality and access to personal data are in compliance with the laws of Hong Kong and are set out in this statement.

You agree that the personal data you provide to us may be used and stored by the Company for the following purposes; other purposes agreed by you and the Company or as required by law from time to time:

a. provide related services;

b. deal with any interest from or related to the service;

c. analyze, verify and/or check your credit, payment and/or status in relation to the provision of the Services;

d. process any payment instructions, direct debit arrangements and/or credit arrangements requested by you;

e. Facilitate the daily operation of your account and / or collect the payment in your account for the service;

f. By providing you with regular information, including details of service collection and benefits;

g. Design us, our affiliates or affiliates to provide new services or to improve existing services;

h. Investigate complaints, suspected suspicious transactions and research service improvement measures;

i. make disclosures in accordance with the law;

j. Comprehensive behavioral analysis.

You have the right to check whether the company holds any personal data of you; to check any personal data held by the company; to request the company to correct any incorrect personal data; to determine the policies adopted by the company regarding personal data (from time to time) and Regular, and the type of personal data held by the company.

According to the relevant regulations, the company has the right to charge a reasonable processing fee for the request for access to personal data. If you wish to apply for rejection of our promotional information, access to or correction of personal data or to obtain information about the policies and practices and the types of personal data held by the company, please request at the following address:

CasaMall Customer Service

Phone: 6636 6332 Email: