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Shipping, Delivery & store PickUp

Shipping / Delivery

v No refund of delivery charge



General Provision and Delivery Charge

v The products are generally delivered on Wednesdays and Saturdays. (Extra charge for the delivery on Hong Kong Island)

v If it cannot be scheduled to arrive at specific days, additional service charge may be required.

v All miscellaneous charges and the labor cost (handling charges) are excluded from the above charges

v Free delivery service (single destination) for the purchase over HK$18,000.

v If the package is not picked up within a specific time, it will be returned to the warehouse. Round-trip delivery will be charged.

v If the delivery has to be handled by stairs, HK$180 will be charged. (Exclude stairs fee)

v We might charge you additional service charge for the delivery of bathtub. (Exclude stairs fee)




Delivery Charge

v 0-40m2 - HKD 350 / one way (collecting the goods on ground only)

v If there is a lift located on the first floor, each box will be charged $20.

v If the delivery has to be handled by stairs, each box will be charged $1 per step.