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Idea | 意大利石紋磚 BE GREY 600 x 600 mm

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Idea |BE GREY 600 x 600 mm


“Your Taste, We Pave”

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Idea Ceramica is a young, dynamic and flexible company provided with state-of-the-art technology for the production of double fired wall tiles. Since its inception, Idea Ceramica has grown to become a leader in producing and distributing medium-high segment tiles.

Recently the company expanded its product line to include the revolutionary digital printing system Durst, which allows high-resolution reproduction of any image on all kinds of tile surfaces. This addition contributes to increasing the company’s production capacity by several million square meters per year, and is just one step in adopting a rather ambitious company strategy. The expansion plan requires investments in the best available technology, which already lead to an tile output of 8 million square meters in 2009 representing 20% of total Italian wall tile production. Considerable resources have been employed to create a productive sales structure in order to meet the needs of the wholesale business

Idea Ceramica offers punctual, rapid ex-stock delivery of the whole product range, paired with efficient logistics and caring customer service. European long-term customers can confirm high-quality products, sensitivity to market demands and trendsetting graphics. Idea Ceramica’s aim is to continue to add value to its customers, staying ahead of the curve.


FLOOR TILE / Pavimento

80x80 - 40X80 - 60X60 - 30X60 + 2CM

idea ceramica tile - 意大利磁磚香港 casamall  

idea ceramica tile - 意大利磁磚香港 casamall  

idea ceramica tile - 意大利磁磚香港 casamall
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