Do you like nature? Do you wish to have water taps in your bathroom and kitchen that fits your wooden home design? But, at the same time, you may worry about its water resistance level if it is wood.

To ascertain the reliability and quality of the wooden taps, Green Home Design uses unique impregnation process and technology applied in yacht building so the wood is fully protected against water. All final products are covered with resistant waterproof and safe multi-layer varnish coat.  Green Home Design is specialized in this technology.  

Also, all taps are handcrafted, and the subtle wood grain on each product is unique. It offers 12 different wood types! You can select the one most that reflects your nature. As a result, you can get your exclusive tap!

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  • Resistant to high temperatures, chemical reagents, mechanical factors
  • Excellent protection against microorganisms
  • Ceramic heads of the Spanish company called “Sedal”, it assures the water-tightness, reliability and quiet performance
  • "Neoperl Cascade SLC" - save 50% of your water
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean

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