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CasaMall is the first online store in Hong Kong which incorporates the element O2O (Online-to offline) into home decoration and quality decorative material markets.


The word “Casa” means “home” in Italian. Hong Kong is a fast-paced city. Everyone is always struggling with a busy life. “Home” is an important place where people can rest, relax and enjoy their time after a busy day at work. CasaMall offers a wide variety of ceramic tiles and other building decorative materials which are primarily from Italy. CasaMall also provides professional renovation matching services and try to cater to the needs of different customers.


In Hong Kong, the home decor market is still giving a conservative impression to others. Now, CasaMall is going to evolve the usual and present it in a modern way. This is the notion that we are presenting.


We are here to help you create a warm and cozy home and integrate art into your daily life.



      “Your Taste, We Pave”



Mission Statement


We aim at providing high-quality imported housing decor products and ensure each product fulfils the quality standard. CasaMall is a quality-focused company and projects to utilize technology to smoothen the customer-manufacturer exchange.


Corporate Purpose


“Using technology to remodel Hong Kong Decor Industry”



Our team- CasaMall


CasaMall is a forward-thinking team with a willingness to adapt and change. Energetic and passionate team members always come up with innovative strategies to the development of the company. Each member is pivotal in the success of the business and each of them is an integral part of our sales and project team. CasaMall’s corporate purpose is “Using technology to remodel Hong Kong Decor Industry”. We have faith in that most innovative ideas can arise from anywhere or anyone. Each member can share the ideas through open discussions, work together and convert the great ideas into reality.


We're a start-up company and requiring more ideas to sustain our business innovation. Come and join us!